Job Description

Umpire Job Description

• To adjudicate and mediate on terrain enquiries while the tournament is in progress. 
• To ensure that the tournament runs smoothly, allowing for the enjoyment of players and spectators

• Must be fully conversant with F.I.P.J.P., Petanque New Zealand and local rules and interpretations as appropriate.
• Must be equipped with the latest Rules.
• Must have, and be competent in the use of an umpire’s measuring kit.
• Must have good verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to be both firm and flexible.

• Prior to the event, verify that a Risk Management Plan is in place covering the safety of all individuals.
• Prior to the start of play, enunciate the local rules, the safety plan any possible danger areas perceived.
• Prior to the event that you are aware of the Tournament format and the allocation of pistes.
• Check that all strings are visible and in place according to the Tournament Protocols.
• The terrain dead boule lines can be differentiated from the inside piste strings.
• The strings are pegged at intervals to eliminate a danger of a person falling over them.
• A Disputes committee of, a member of the host club and two PNZ appointed members, has been setup for the Event.
• To ensure that the rules of the game and the administration rules of the tournament are adhered too.
• To assist with the smooth running of the tournament by ensuring, within the bounds of good play, that
         a. The one minute rule is policed
         b. Unfair advantage is not being taken in delivery
         c. Player and spectator behaviour is acceptable.
• Generally only intervene when called in by players, except when there are breaches of the tournament rules or etiquette.
• Where necessary, take appropriate disciplinary action as allowed by the rules of the game.
• Produce a debrief report within one week of the event at which he/she is officiating, and send it to the Technical Director of Umpiring via the PNZ website
• Responsible for the security of the umpire’s measuring kit.

• The Umpire is responsible to Petanque New Zealand.
• The Umpire will work with the Tournament Organiser(s) but is not answerable to them.
• The Umpire has the authority to apply penalties as per Article 34 of the F.I.P.J.P. rules to all players, whether they are engaged in play or observing.

Technical Director of Umpiring
December 2014


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