PNZ Umpire Policy


1. To standardise the officiating and playing standards of petanque competitions in New Zealand.
2. To provide guidelines and procedures for umpires to ensure consistency of the application of the FIPJP Rules of the Game of Petanque.


This policy applies to all affiliated clubs, licensed players, competition officials and administrators involved in Petanque New Zealand sanctioned competitions held in New Zealand.

Sporting Principles

Petanque New Zealand seeks to consistently apply sound sporting principles to tournaments. Petanque New Zealand believes in:

i. Fairness - Everyone should be given an opportunity to pursue their goals and aspirations. Fairness is:

    • not just a way of behaving, it is also a way of thinking;
    • is about operating within the letter and spirit of the rules; and
    • is making informed and honourable decisions on and off the piste.

ii. Safety  - Everyone has the right to operate and participate in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe.

iii. Respect - Everyone should:

    • recognise the contribution of every other person;
    • treat everyone with dignity and courtesy; and
    • take care of the environment, equipment and property.

iv. Responsibility - Everyone should take responsibility for their actions and be a positive role model on and off the piste.

Umpiring Principles

Petanque New Zealand believes that:

i.   It is important to provide standard formats and practices in order to ensure that the quality of umpiring is nationally consistent.
ii.  Umpiring practices need to be regularly revisited and revised as necessary to reflect changes in the development of the sport.
iii. Umpires should receive practical training in order to support the organisation and management of petanque competitions.
iv. Respect of the rules and procedures is important for the equity of players.

Policy Statement
Petanque New Zealand is committed to providing a comprehensive set of guidelines and procedures to ensure the effective and efficient umpiring of the sport of petanque in New Zealand.

Umpiring standards must be consistent with the FIPJP Rules of the Game of Petanque and Petanque New Zealand rules and by-laws.


Umpire Classification and Requirements
a. Umpires in New Zealand are to be classed as follows:   

Level 1 - Club Umpire
Level 2 - Regional Umpire
Level 3 - National Umpire
Level 4 – Confederation Umpire
Level 5 – International Umpire

There is no such thing as "Playing Umpire"

b. Umpires must:

    • Be an affiliated member of Petanque New Zealand;
    • Have an Umpire’s Certificate issued by Petanque New Zealand.

a. Director of Umpiring

    • The Director of Umpiring is appointed from within the Petanque New Zealand Board and is responsible for governance of umpiring at all levels.

b. Technical Director of Umpiring

  • The Technical Director of Umpiring is nominated and appointed by the Board of Petanque New Zealand for a minimum term of two years.
  • The Technical Director of Umpiring is responsible to the Director of Umpiring for administering and co-ordinating the Umpire process and structure in New Zealand including the training, assessing and approval of Club, Regional and National Umpires.
  • Maintaining the technical standards and qualifications for attaining Club, Regional and National status (Level 1, 2 and 3).
  • Nominating Umpires for National tournaments controlled by Petanque New Zealand.
  • Maintaining the Umpires tournament reporting system. 
  • Investigating any incidents of alleged poor Umpiring performances or misconduct.

c. Regional Umpire Co-ordinator

    • The Regional Umpire Co-ordinator is a current Level 2 or 3 Umpire  appointed by the Technical Director of Umpiring and may train and assess new Club Umpires if required to do so by the TD of Umpiring.
    • The Regional Umpire Co-ordinator will receive a copy of all Club and Regional Umpire Reports from the Technical Director of Umpiring for the purposes of discussion and follow up.
    • The Regional Umpire Co-ordinator can nominate to the Technical Director of Umpiring, Club Umpires who they believe are suitable candidates for assessment at the Regional Umpire level.

d. National and Regional Umpires

    • The Technical Director of Umpiring will recommend to the Director of Umpiring the appointment of Regional/National Umpires.  Subject to receiving an application and the succesful completion of a written, oral and/or practical examination.    These positions will then be ratified by the Board.


Petanque New Zealand will issue National and Regional Umpires with one Umpire uniform shirt showing the relevant grade after each qualifications. Umpires will be able to purchase additional shirts at cost price.  National umpires will also be supplied with a wet weather vest and a hat.

Club, Regional and National Umpires may wear an official badge supplied by PNZ.

Competitions and Tournaments

    • The Technical Director shall appoint Level 3 (or higher) umpires for National tournaments or championships controlled by PNZ.
    • The Umpires officiating at any competition shall be responsible for administering the rules of play in accordance with the Official FIPJP International Rules of Petanque and any PNZ local rules or official interpretations.
    • Level 2 (Regional) umpires may, if asked, officiate or assist in National events under the supervision of a senior ranked umpire as applicable to the occasion.
    • Each nominated umpire will act as an "Official Umpire" which means they are unable to play in the event in which he/she is umpiring.
    • During the day, umpires no longer involved in the competition may become "official" umpires.
    • If no umpire is present due to unforeseen circumstances, the tournament organising committee must nominate a suitable alternative person to officiate as the umpire of the day.
    • All umpires are to submit a report to the TD of Umpiring, via the PNZ website, within 7 days of the event they have umpired. 
    • All expenses incurred by a National Umpire when officiating at a National Championship need to be pre-approved by the Technical Director of Umpiring for reimbursement.

Restrictions on Officiating

    • Umpires are bound to respect and apply FIPJP and Petanque New Zealand rules, regulations and policies.
    • No Petanque NZ Umpire, regardless of level or position, is to officiate in any tournament or competition that has not been approved or recognised by, or run in accordance with the guidelines for competitions and tournaments of Petanque New Zealand.
    • An officiating umpire is not permitted to undertake any other duty with regards to the competition/tournament for which he/she is officiating (for example registration table, disputes committee, tournament director, coach, player).

Tournament and Activity Reports

    • Tournament Reports must be completed for all official National tournaments by the Official Umpire for the event and a separate report by any assistants and if necessary, any incident or warning (with names) and formal complaints made. The report should be submitted via the PNZ website to the Technical Director within 7 days after the Event.  This is part of the Umpires responsibility and could reflect on their position in future Umpiring activities.
    • For Regional and club tournaments, umpires must complete a tournament report which should be sent via the website to the Technical Director of Umpiring who will review and will foward to the Regional Umpiring Coordinator where appropriate.  Incident reports and details of subsequent penalties and/or disciplinary decisions or actions must be communicated to the Technical Director. 
    • Failure of umpires to fulfill responsibilities as detailed in the above paragraphs may impede any future prospects of the officiating Umpire.
    • All expenses incurred by a National Umpire when officiating at a National Tournament will need to be pre-approved by the Technical Director of Umpiring for reimbursement. 
    • All claims for expenses should be posted or submitted via email at the same time as the Umpire Report is submitted. (No report/ no payment)

Ongoing Training

The Technical Director of Umpiring is to hold workshops and meetings with all National, Regional and active Club umpires on a regular basis, at the appropriate level. In situations where distance makes the holding of regular meetings impractical, umpire’s business may be conducted by telephone, postal or electronic correspondence.   All umpires must engage in ongoing training in order to maintain their qualification.

Conduct & Discipline

    • The Technical Director of Umpiring is responsible for the performance of umpires throughout New Zealand.
    • The Petanque New Zealand Umpire Code of Conduct outlines the standards of behaviour for Petanque New Zealand Umpires. All umpires are to sign a copy of this form and submit it to the Technical  Director of Umpiring.
    • Any report or complaint regarding the behaviour or performance of an umpire is to be forwarded to the Technical Director of Umpiring at the earliest opportunity.
    • In the case of poor Umpire performance, the Technical Director of Umpiring is to investigate the matter, consult with the Petanque New Zealand Board and instigate corrective action. Sanctions may be applied for poor performance.
    • In the case of misconduct or violations of Petanque New Zealand Constitution, Policies, Procedures, or Codes of Conduct by an umpire, the Director of Umpiring is to investigate and refer the matter to the Petanque New Zealand Board for action in accordance with the processes laid out in the Constitution.

 Downgrading or Suspension

    • As a result of poor performance or disciplinary action, an umpire may be downgraded, suspended or have his/her umpire licence revoked.
    • If inactive without valid reason for an extended period, an umpire may be downgraded to a lower level or be required to re-sit and pass an examination in order to retain status.   

a. Setting

    • The Technical Director of Umpiring will set dates for Club, Regional and National Umpiring examinations and be responsible for the compilation of written, oral and/or practical examinations.   All examinations are closed book.
    • National and Regional Umpire examinations shall be conducted as appropriate at any convenient time and shall be supervised by the Director of Umpiring and/or the Technical Director of Umpiring.
    • Club Umpire examinations may be run and assessed by the Regional Umpiring Coordinator if required.
    • The Technical Director of Umpiring will organise refresher courses and workshops for existing Certified Umpires as appropriate to individual needs.   
    • All umpires must attend a umpiring workshop at least once every two years for their registration to remain valid.

b. Eligibility

    • Any financial member of an affiliated club can apply to become a Level 1 (Club) umpire by forwarding a written application to either the Techical Director of Umpiring or a Regional Umpiring Coordinator.  After completing an umpiring workshop, passing a written exam, obtaining a recommendation from the examiner and ratification from PNZ, he/she will then be authorised to umpire in club events within his/her respective region and assist in regional events.   
    • After completing one full year as an active Level 1 (club) umpire, the umpire may apply to become a Level 2 (regional umpire).   This involves a written examination and a practical exam, recommendation from the TD of Umpiring and ratification from the Board.
    • After completing four Regional and assisting at two National tournaments the umpire may apply to be examined in theory, practical and oral Umpiring situations for a Level 3 (national umpire) position.
    • Applicants must be physically fit and possess good eyesight as a prerequisite before applying to sit for a Club, Regional or National Umpire examination.
    • Applicants must comply with the FIPJP restrictions to be eligible to apply for an Confederation or International Umpire Licence 

Sources and Acknowledgements
The following sources of information used in this document are acknowledged:
Petanque Australia Umpire Commission

Reviews And Approval
The Technical Director of Umpiring and the PNZ Director of Umpiring shall review this policy every two years.

Technical Director of Umpiring
Updated September 2015

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