PNZ Player & Spectator Code of Conduct

Revised August 2015

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This Code applies to all affiliated members of Petanque New Zealand and all spectators at Petanque New Zealand events.

During all games players are expected to:

   1.  Play and abide by the rules of the game as instructed by the Tournament Organising Committee and Umpire(s) of the day.
   2.  Play the game in a sporting manner.
   3.  Not use foul, abusive or insulting language, particularly to other players, officials and spectators.
   4.  Accept without argument the decisions of the Umpire(s).
   5.  Observe total silence while the opposition is preparing to throw a boule, as required by Article 17 of the FIPJP Rules.
   6.  Observe the correct dress of the day.
   7.  Not drink alcohol during games, and to excess for the duration of the competition (i.e. arriving under the influence or hung-
        over at the start of the day is unacceptable) Abide by the host clubs rules regarding drinking at the venue.
   8.  Not smoke any form of cigarette (including e-cigarettes) during games, or on the terrain at any time (i.e. even if on the terrain watching another game). Players must             also abide by the host club's rules regarding smoking at the venue, which may include further restrictions on where players can smoke.
   9.  Not leave bags and other personal items, including drinks, on the piste. They must be a minimum of 30cm outside the dead ball line so as not to constitute an obstacle.
   10. Not leave unplayed boules on the playing area. They may be left behind the dead ball line at the playing end of the piste.
   11. Switch off mobile phones during games.

Any player who is found to be in breach of this code of behaviour will be considered to be guilty of improper behaviour and liable to the penalties in Articles 37, 38, and 39 of the rules of the game.

(Note that players are spectators for the purpose of any game other than that in which they are playing.)

  • Spectators must observe total silence while a player is preparing to throw a boule, as required by Article 17 of the FIPJP Rules.
  • Only players involved in a particular game and the umpire(s) of the day are permitted on the piste during play. Spectators, friends etc may not enter the playing area to advise, coach or otherwise communicate with the players.
  • Supporters and/or family or friends must not encroach onto the terrain or allow any pets or children to do so during play.
  • Spectators should refrain from making or receiving telephone calls anywhere near where games are in progress.

Any spectator, who through his or her actions causes a disruption or disturbance on the piste shall be removed from the ground with possible disciplinary action and/or suspension of licence if applicable and depending on the severity of the offence.

Recording and Reporting of Disciplinary Action taken
Where infringements of this Code of Conduct result in disciplinary action being taken, the date and/or place of the offence/infringement, the name of the person concerned, and the penalty imposed will be recorded.

Where a player is suspended from competition, or from membership of Petanque New Zealand, PNZ will advise all PNZ affiliated Clubs and Regional Associations of the player’s name and period of suspension.

PNZ reserves the right to make this information publicly available if it considers it to be in the interests of petanque in New Zealand.

Petanque New Zealand
August 2015

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