New Rules - NZ Interpretations

25 Feb 2021

Two changes to the previously published NZ Interpretations to the FIPJP Rules.

  1. Articles 6 (page 6) and 7 (page 7). If the opposing team (Team B) places the jack in an invalid position, the player gets a yellow card but the jack is NOT given back to team A to place. The agreed international ruling is that team A has made an error and is penalised for it, so it cannot get the jack back. It remains with Team B.
  2. Article 11 – Changing of jack or boules. The NZ “rule” that in timed games the search time is reduced to one minute has been removed. It has been pointed out that this would amount to a change in the rule, not just an interpretation; such a change would have to be approved by FIPJP.

Barbara Whittington

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