New Petanque Rules

26 Jan 2021

The new FIPJP Rules for Petanque with the NZ interpretations

The updated Rules of Petanque as adopted by FIPJP on 1 January 2021 were ratified by Petanque New Zealand on 20 January. These Rules are effective in New Zealand from 20 January 2021.

The main changes are:

  • It has been made clear that rules penalties apply only for the game. That is, cards are re-set to zero after each game. This does not apply to behavioural penalties – for lack of sportsmanship or bad behaviour.
  • Article 6
    • The allowable distance between circles in use is reduced from 2 metres to 1.5 metres.
    • The circle must now also be at least 1.5m from a jack in use.
    • The jack must be marked at all times; players who do not mark the jack will get a yellow card.
  • Article 7 - the jack only needs to be 50cm from an obstacle or the end line of the piste; there is no minimum requirement for the jack’s distance from the side-lines (including the side-line edge on the end piste of a group).
  • Article 16 - The prohibition on wetting boules or jack is removed.
  • Article 32 – the time allowed for a team to be late to the competition is reduced from 1 hour to 30 minutes.
  • Article 33 - Likewise, the time allowed for a player to be late before forfeiting rights to play in the game, is now 30 minutes.

Any queries, please contact PNZ Umpiring manager Nadine Simpson

Barbara Whittington
Petanque New Zealand

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