Final Results Oceania

29 Oct 2017

Congratulations to the New Zealand teams on a well fought Oceania Campaign. We had some outstanding results and we were very competitive in all games. We are very proud of all of you.

Women's results

3rd in the Confederation Cup
1 Gold - Claire Wilson in Pointing
1 Silver - Claire Wilson, Sharon Cannon & Christine Strichen in the triples
2 Bronze - Kathleen Wallace, Marilyn Bunce & Annick LeGuen in the triples and
                  Sharon Cannon & Christine Strichen in the doubles. 
4th Sharon Cannon in the shooting
4th Claire Wilson & Annick LeGuen  in the doubles
5th= Annick LeGuen in the shooting
5th= Sharon Cannon in the singles
9th Shirley MacDonald in the shooting
10th Annick LeGuen in the singles

Men's results
While we didn't get any medals, there were some great results

5th= Allan Fletcher and
         Georgio Vakauta in the Pointing
5th= Michael Rocks in the singles 
5th= Georgio Vakauta & Adelys Taraunu in the doubles
5th Georgio Vakauta, Adelys Taraunu & Allan Fletcher in the triples
9th Seti Mailei in the singles
10th Allan Fletcher & Michael Rocks  in doubles

Full results here

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