PNZ Executive Meeting

27 Dec 2020

Summary of the December Executive meeting

National Championships Calendar

Based on the feedback from the Tournament survey, the Singles will be be held as a one day event attached to the National Doubles (2 days). The Mixed Doubles will be a standalone 2 day event.

The calendar for 2021 is:

  • Women's Triples Championship, 5 March 2021, Horowhenua
  • Triples Championship, 6-7 March 2021, Horowhenua
  • Club Championship, 24-25 April 2021, Tauranga
  • Mixed Doubles Championship, 2-3 October 2021, Auckland region
  • Singles Championship, 5 November 2021, Southern region
  • Doubles Championship, 6-7 November 2021, Southern region
  • Senior Doubles Championship, 4-5 December 2021, Christchurch
  • Women's Triples Championship, 4 March 2022, Auckland region
  • Triples Championship, 5-6 March 2022, Auckland region

Two of the Mixed Doubles, Singles/Doubles, Senior Doubles and Women's Triples/Triples will be held in the North Island and two in the South Island from now on.

National Championship Host club fee

This is to be increased from $150 to $250 per day.

Trans-Tasman Challenge

Due to Covid restrictions this is unlikely to go ahead in March 2021. Will look to hold this in September in Christchurch instead.

Questionnaire about PNZ Membership structure

23 out of 35 affiliated clubs responded, plus 3 responses from non-affiliated groups.

Geographic split: Southern 8, Wellington 8, Auckland 4, Central North Island 2, Canterbury 1.

Of the 23 respondent Clubs:

  • 8 supported a tiered membership, + 1 “maybe”. The majority of these Clubs (6) were in the Southern region. Not unsurprising, given that the original proposal came from the Southern Region Petanque association.
  • 9 did not support tiered membership, + 1 “unlikely”.
  • 4 did not express an opinion.

PNZ affiliation fees paid for all? Only 1 Club did not pay for their social members.

The proportion of members who play for recreation only varied widely.

The majority thought that if there were tiered membership, there should be a nominal fee (i.e. it should not be free).

One of the non-affiliated Clubs has since affiliated, but otherwise there was no indication that providing social or associate membership would result in any uptake.

Overall, the survey did not provide PNZ with a clear mandate for change.

Whanau Cup

This is awarded to the highest placed family team in the National Doubles.

The issue was raised with PNZ, that all “family” combinations, including same-sex couples, should be eligible for this Cup. Agreed; information about this Cup to be included on the Doubles Entry Form.

FIPJP Rules Revision

PNZ had input into the latest round of revisions. Umpiring Manager Nadine Simpson had been in communication with Andre Deramond prior to the (video) meeting of International Umpires on 5 December. Process now is that International Umpires commission will make recommendations to the FIPJP Executive Committee, then any changes or additions will need to be adopted by FIPJP Executive before being passed on for distribution.

Terrain Sizes

It seems there is some confusion as to what PNZ policy on piste sizes for National Tournaments is. A review will be carried out to ensure that this information is known. The Tournament Hosting Protocols on the website will also be updated.

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