Covid-19 News

18 Mar 2020

Petanque and the petanque community are being affected by Covid-19 as are all other sports in New Zealand.

 PNZ is well aware that many, if not most, of our members are in the  “at risk” demographic (chronologically at least), and have considered our response accordingly.

 However, we believe that people are sensible enough to make their own decisions about the level of risk involved in whatever activities they undertake.

 The Government has requested that gatherings of more than 500 people be cancelled.

 The only events PNZ has planned in the near future are the AGM and the Club Champs. Neither of these will involve great numbers (Clubs would be max. 150 – players, officials, supporters, organisers; the AGM much less).


So  at this stage PNZ is not cancelling the Club Champs or the AGM, because of the limited numbers involved.

But we will keep monitoring the rapidly-evolving situation and will re-assess at the end of March, or sooner if circumstances dictate.

 Clubs are of course free to make their own decisions about their local events (e.g. Club and Regional competitions); PNZ has no jurisdiction over these in any case.

 We would urge all our members to take the prudent and necessary steps to keep themselves and others healthy and safe. There is good information available on the Ministry of Health website, but in particular:


  • People should not attend events if they
    • feel uneasy about doing so;
    • feel unwell;
    • have been overseas in the previous 14 days (Government directive to self-isolate).
  • Close personal contact such as shaking hands, hugging is not advised.
  • People should follow the recommended hygiene instructions of washing hands, using hand sanitiser etc.



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