Club play under new Level 2 conditions

28 May 2020

With the limit on numbers for gatherings under Covid-19 Level 2 increasing to 100 from tomorrow (Friday, 29 May)

Club Days

All Clubs will be able to resume regular Club Days.

It's still safety first though, so there will still need to be a few restrictions in place. However these should not affect play to any degree:

  1. Hand sanitiser, or soap and hot water hand washing facilities, must be available.
  2. Every person attending should sanitise their hands on arrival, and also preferably between games.
  3. To enable contact tracing, the names of all people attending must be recorded. This can be electronically or hard copy. Phone numbers and addresses will be needed for any non-Club members (the Club will have these details for your members).
  4. If plastic circles are used, they must be sanitised between games.
  5. Each team should have their own cochonnet, with one member only responsible for throwing the cochonnet and picking it up between ends
  6. Players should avoid picking up other's boules.

Note that social distancing is not required (the requirement is one metre between groups), but of course you can play on alternate pistes if it is possible and people are more comfortable with this.

You will also be able to socialise after games, again provided sensible precautions are taken.


Inter-Club competitions can also be held, as long as the numbers limit is not breached, and other precautions taken as above.

National Championships

PNZ has not yet made any decision on National Championships in 2020 and 2021, as there are a number of other considerations to be taken into account for these events, both Covid-19 related (e.g. travel costs and availability), and internal issues such as timing and format.

Barbara Whittington

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