Annual General Meeting

31 Jul 2020

PNZ - call for nominations for Executive and Manager positions/possible winding up

Hello all

PNZ was “in crisis” in 2018, and has again reached a crossroads.  While the sport is strong, the current governance arrangements are not working.

It is a constant struggle to get people to undertake administrative roles to keep PNZ functioning on a day to day basis, let alone being able to undertake any strategic long term planning to take our sport into the future.

  • We have 4 out of 6 Executive Members, but while the current Treasurer is happy to keep doing the books, he has indicated a desire to step back from the policy/decision making role.
  • We have not had a Manager of Representation (international team selection) for several years.
  • The position of Manager Umpiring has been vacant since middle of last year.
  • Manager Tournaments has been vacant since beginning of this year; National Championships are being run on a “one-off” basis.

This situation is not sustainable. Unless we get more people to carry out the required tasks, PNZ cannot function.

As well as Executive members, people are needed to fill the following positions, or  at least undertake the following tasks.


  • liaise with hosting club
  • receive entries
  • get asset person to send equipment needed
  • order medals/trophies
  • run tournament or get local person to do this
  • send results to webmaster


  • store equipment in a safe storage facility
  • send equipment to club hosting National tournament
  • organise to get equipment back


  • liaise with umpires
  • arrange umpires for National tournaments
  • set and mark umpire exams
  • arrange “on the ground” and/or online training


  • liaise with coaches at all levels
  • answer queries from coaches
  • arrange “on the ground” and/or online training of coaches.


  • manage/co-ordinate the representation/selection process.
  • liaise with the coaches of the National teams.
  • answer queries from players about the process.

If suitable candidates for the Executive (6) and the Manager positions (Tournaments,  Umpiring, Representation and Coaching) are not found by the AGM (15th August),  the Executive will propose to the AGM that Petanque New Zealand be wound up in accordance with its Constitution.


Barbara Whittington

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