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Rotorua Fri 21 @ 6.00pm      

National Clubs Championship

Rotorua Sat 22-Sun 23 Apr 2017 5.00pm Wednesday 1 Mar 2017

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PNZ Board Forum

Christchurch Club Fri 5 @ 5pm      

National Mixed Doubles

Christchurch Club Sat 6-Sun 7 May 2017  

Information sheet from CHCH Petanque

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South Canterbury Doubles Timaru T & CC Sat 13-Sun 14 May 2017       






Mark Choveaux Triples Caversham Sat 19-Sun 20 Aug 2017      
South Island Women's Triples Caversham Sat 26-Sun27 Aug 2017      


Hawkes Bay Classic Open Doubles Napier City Petnaque Sat 2-Sun 3 Sept 2017 30 Aug 2017 Download info and Entry form Enter online here 
South Island Singles Alexandra Sat 16-Sun 17 Sept 2017      
Guernsey Open Doubles The Guernsey Club De Petanque  Sat 30th Sept 2017 18 Sept 2017 Download info & Entry form no 


Guernsey Open Triples The Guernsey Club De Petanque Sun 1 Oct 2017 18 Sept 2017 Download info & Entry form no
PNZ Board Forum  Dunedin City  Fri 6 @ 5.00pm      
National Singles Dunedin City Sat 7-Sun 8 Oct 2017      
South Island Doubles Dunedin City Sat 21-Sun 22 Oct 2017      
Oceania Championship Christchurch Petanque Wed 25-Sun 29 Oct 2017      


PNZ Board Forum Kapiti Fri 10 @ 5.00pm      
National Doubles Kapiti Sat 11 - Sun 12 Nov 2017      
PNZ Open Selection Trials Kapiti Mon 13 Nov 2017      
South Island Senior Doubles Ashburton Sat 18-Sun 19 Nov 2017      


PNZ Board Forum Tauranga/BOP Fri 1 @ 5.00pm      
National Senior Doubles Tauranga/BOP Sat 2-Sun 3 Dec 2017      

PNZ Senior Selection Trials

Tauranga/BOP Mon 4 Dec 2017      


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