Board of PNZ

The ruling body of PNZ is the Board which is responsible for the management of the property and affairs of Petanque New Zealand.

The Board comprises of a President, Vice-president and three Directors. The Board meets at least three times a year for a full weekend, with monthly Skype meetings inbetween.

PNZ works to deliver specific outcomes each year and is accountable to its members, clubs and Sport New Zealand.

Petanque New Zealand Board

Stefany Frost  Stefany Frost – President - Dunedin
Stefany has the overall responsibility to lead and support the Board; the role of public relations with all stakeholders; maintaining and developing relationships with international petanque organisations; and strategic planning and guidance of the sport.
Stefany also has the responsibility for oversees the Representation process; communication (website, Facebook, Twitter, Magazine & Board reports) 
021 717 080

altered Barie Barrie Anderson – Vice President - Auckland
Barrie is responsible for the organisation and standards for all National and International level tournaments.  He is also an advisor and a resource to all clubs and regions holding tournaments. 
Barrie is also be responsible for overseeing the are of umpiring, working with the Technical Director to ensure a fair and consistent application of the rules. 
(09) 845 1966 or 027 418 0783

altered Claire Claire Bradburn - Wellington
Claire is responsible for overseeing the area of coaching, working with the Technical Director to ensure appropriate coaching occurs from club to national levels.   She is also the Sport NZ Representative; and assists with Sponsorship and Funding.
(04) 972 4406 or 027 261 4730

altered Ray Ray Pierce - Auckland
Ray has the responsibility for promotion and marketing of Petanque; developing resources for promotion and ensuring members have access to those resources.
He is also responsible for liaising with clubs around NZ and ensuring their issues and needs are dealt with by the Board.
(09) 815 2386 or 027 4824582

Kevin Kevin McFadgen - Wellington
Kevin has responsibility for the area of sponsorship, grants and funding for the sport as a whole and is responsible for standards and complaints.
(04)  298 6474 or 027 3299891


Barbara Whittington, P O Box 31127, Lower Hutt. 
(04) 567 9647 or 021 443 916 
Fax (04) 577 3400

Brian Smith, P O Box 40351, Upper Hutt. 
(04) 528 3059 or 027 442 9674


Technical Director of Umpiring:
Trevor Neilson
021 032 5993
Skype ID: trevorne

Technical Director of Coaching:
Graeme Morris
(06) 378 7331 or 027 247 9370

Technical Director of Tournaments:
Barrie Anderson
(09) 845 1966 or 027 418 0783

Technical Director of Representation            
Stefany Frost
021 717 080 
Magazine Editor
Graeme Morris
17 Hinau Place, Masterton 5810
(06) 378 7331 or 027 247 9370 

Website/Facebook Managers
Stefany Frost
021 717 080
Sarah-Jane Wright
(06) 877 9222 or 022 395 3112                               



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